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FDM-S1 Ricevitore
N. prodotto: ELAD FDM-S1
Prezzo listino 399,00 €
369,00 €
Prezzo IVA inclusa più spedizione
Peso della spedizione: 0,5 kg

FDM-S1 è un ricevitore a conversione diretta (ADC 61.44MHz + FPGA) con estensione di frequenza 20kHz-30MHz.

Il decodificatore DRM è integrato, non ha bisogno di un software esterno.



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very good receiver
da Anonimo il 03/02/2017
nice toy! I use it as a second receiver and panadapter with my Yaesu FT DX 3000. I run HDSDR. Using it on different large and broadbanded antennas, dipoles and other without any problems.

The 14bit version is all I need.
da Anonimo il 24/05/2013
Fernando Duarte in CH was right. This is a great choice. I am a tough client; whatever is not perfect goes back. The Elad FDM S1 is a keeper.

I am here in VERY challenging conditions: ambient electrical noise, very few stations beam here, etc.
The diversity of modulations is excellent. Setting of filters is still awkward, but hey, I paid 1/2 of the price of a Perseus. All that I do not experience is due to lack of knowledge or lack of a 90m loop (to better receive MW if I am not mistaken).
But there is a users group, and I simply need to reach out. And there are software updates constantly.
For most dxing, I use the Wellbrook Loop. For DRM, at times, my sloper + MFJ Noise Canceler (visually tuned by looking at the SN Ratio on the screen) is better. Only REE gets here with DRM.

da Anonimo il 12/03/2013
Sono rimasto sorpreso della eccellente qualità di ricezione, di discriminazione del segnale, di abbattimento del rumore di fondo, di riproduzione audio e della vasta gamma di comandi utilizzabili per dare all'ascoltatore il massimo possibile del piacere della ricezione radio.
Good product and support
da Anonimo il 07/03/2013
I like listening with my FDM-S1. It also works with HDSDR. Support and Software updates via Yahoogroups is ok for me. Sign in and search for the Ftp_elad_sdr.txt file in the files sections. It includes the FTP login data. No secret so far :-)
Great product, but.....
da Anonimo il 21/02/2013
......by when will a client-server-software for remote-use be available? And if so, what will be the costs of this software?
Software updates need to be 'up front'.
da Anonimo il 09/01/2013
My unit shipped with software FDM-SW1 v3.05. Apparently there is a version 3.06, 3.07 and 3.10; however even looking at the support Yahoo group, it only speaks of going to "the elad ftp site" which requires a username and password - none of which are provided; as the other reviewer notes, this seems to be a closely guarded secret.

I can't understand why a company would make software updates for legitimate purchasers such a secret. I have yet to figure out to update to SW versions beyond 3.05, even though they are being announced quite regularly on the support group.
Software Improvement
da Anonimo il 03/01/2013
The software improvement is now so secret for buyer.
The users were not informed about software update at all.
This is the very serious issue for this product.
I hope to improve this issue.
Software Improvement
da Anonimo il 03/01/2013
Very Nice Performance
da Anonimo il 03/01/2013
I bought this product in December 2012. And, I have been using this SDR for 3 weeks.
The performance of reception of this SDR is same with Perseus. It's a nice performance.
And, I think that this SDR is so cheap compared with Perseus.
This SDR is the best buy for you.
Excellent value and great service so far
da Anonimo il 06/09/2012
Delivered to UK next day - service great.
Build quality - Good
Documentation - Good
Software - good and heading for Excellent
Performance - Excellent.
Sensitivity tests against my 3000 Euro Flex5000A show barely perceptible difference on 40 & 20m ham bands. Flex is very close to Perseus in same test so great value for money. Not evaluated for cross mod, im etc but initial impression is that it's good.
da Anonimo il 21/06/2012
ottimo il servizio ordini (consegna dopo 1 giorno) e ottimo il prodotto con relativo software. Bravi.