ELAD FDM-S2 Ricevitore SDR

ELAD FDM-S2 Ricevitore SDR

N. prodotto: ELAD FDM-S2

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Software and manuals leave to be desired.
da il 09/02/2016
I have the S2 connected to a Kenwood TS-590SG here, the hardware works fine.
It's the SW2 software however that is a major disappointment:

1. it works with the 590SG easy enough CAT control included, but I can't get it to work with CW Skimmer. Believe me I tried, step-for-step following documents, even a YouTube film, alas.

2. when manually or auto tuning (590 feature) a CW signal I'm always spot on on the 600 Hz pitch I want, both CW Skimmer and HDSDR proving that, no retune needed for either one of the 2 products. With FDM-SW2 I'm continuously about 30 Hz off.

3. the software installation manual is acceptable but the SW2 software user manual is pathetic! One learns next to nothing from it. I also found switches and parameters on GUI's that have nothing to do with those switches and parameters.

4. clicking some of the buttons get you an 'Exception' screen, so much for testing.

I decided to let go of the Elad proprietary software and put my faith in HDSDR. fDM-S2 with HDSDR, Omnirig and CW Skimmer works well and does it reliably al the time.

I wouldn't have bought the ELAD FDM-S2 if I had known that the manuals were so poor quality.

Una pasada de receptor
da il 21/01/2016
medio año pensando lo compro no lo compro si no si no ?? siiiiiii lo compre :-) por fin !! es mucho dinero pero vale la pena, de verdad es un receptor espectacular no me puedo imaginar usar otro receptor que no sea este. lo tiene casi todo lo unico que le falta es la banda aerea en vhf aunque se le puede desactivar el preselector (bypass mode) pero no recibe muy bien. recibe de maravilla en todas las bandas pero en la fm comercial es ingreible. el software tambien esta muy bien, lo unico que se podia mejorar es el sistema de memorizar las frecuencias pero bueno creo que en un futuro lo mejoraran (o eso espero) :-)

desde españa un cordial saludo i muchisimas gracias al team elad por este receptor maravilloso
Very good!
da il 19/12/2015
I love this sdr because its simplicity and easy to work with. I was always an swl who loves his radios with a vfo tuning knob and could not imagine a radio without one! But now I'm using the Elad on a daily base, and I enjoy it, special with a Powermate tuning button, hi. I still have my old fashion radios I can not part with these them; that's just me!
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