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ELAD FDM-S2 Ricevitore SDR
N. prodotto: ELAD FDM-S2
525,00 €
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FDM-S2 è un ricevitore a campionamento diretto basato su un ADC a 16bit con clock a 122.88MHz



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Software and manuals leave to be desired.
da Anonimo il 09/02/2016
I have the S2 connected to a Kenwood TS-590SG here, the hardware works fine.
It's the SW2 software however that is a major disappointment:

1. it works with the 590SG easy enough CAT control included, but I can't get it to work with CW Skimmer. Believe me I tried, step-for-step following documents, even a YouTube film, alas.

2. when manually or auto tuning (590 feature) a CW signal I'm always spot on on the 600 Hz pitch I want, both CW Skimmer and HDSDR proving that, no retune needed for either one of the 2 products. With FDM-SW2 I'm continuously about 30 Hz off.

3. the software installation manual is acceptable but the SW2 software user manual is pathetic! One learns next to nothing from it. I also found switches and parameters on GUI's that have nothing to do with those switches and parameters.

4. clicking some of the buttons get you an 'Exception' screen, so much for testing.

I decided to let go of the Elad proprietary software and put my faith in HDSDR. fDM-S2 with HDSDR, Omnirig and CW Skimmer works well and does it reliably al the time.

I wouldn't have bought the ELAD FDM-S2 if I had known that the manuals were so poor quality.

Una pasada de receptor
da Anonimo il 21/01/2016
medio año pensando lo compro no lo compro si no si no ?? siiiiiii lo compre :-) por fin !! es mucho dinero pero vale la pena, de verdad es un receptor espectacular no me puedo imaginar usar otro receptor que no sea este. lo tiene casi todo lo unico que le falta es la banda aerea en vhf aunque se le puede desactivar el preselector (bypass mode) pero no recibe muy bien. recibe de maravilla en todas las bandas pero en la fm comercial es ingreible. el software tambien esta muy bien, lo unico que se podia mejorar es el sistema de memorizar las frecuencias pero bueno creo que en un futuro lo mejoraran (o eso espero) :-)

desde españa un cordial saludo i muchisimas gracias al team elad por este receptor maravilloso
Very good!
da Anonimo il 19/12/2015
I love this sdr because its simplicity and easy to work with. I was always an swl who loves his radios with a vfo tuning knob and could not imagine a radio without one! But now I'm using the Elad on a daily base, and I enjoy it, special with a Powermate tuning button, hi. I still have my old fashion radios I can not part with these them; that's just me!
Recommended with some reservations
da Anonimo il 09/12/2015
I use the FDM-S2 as panadapter behind R&S ESH3 (FI=75MHz) and ESVP (FI=10.7MHz) instead of my Perseus V5. The software is full of possibilities but needs a long time to learn it, opening and closing windows seems sometimes strange. Some features of the Perseus V5 are missing like up to 10 marker levels recording in .txt file, and the averaging which is not so powerfull. Many tunings don't appear on the main window and need to go back to the set up screen. The Perseus accept stronger levels than the FDM-S2.
In conclusion, the FDM-S2 is pleasant to play but the Perseus is better for professional use, the interface is so good. I am waiting for new releases of the FDM-S2 and I hope that some improvement will be performed
Recommended, with some reservations
da Anonimo il 27/11/2015
I find the FDM-S2 adequate on the Short Wave bands, above 4 mHz. However, its Medium Wave performance is not up to the levels of say, the Microtelecom Perseus or WinRadio G33DDC. Of course, its approx 1/2 the cost of the Perseus and 1/3 of the WinRadio. Where the Elad falls short is its lack of Preselection Filters in the early stages of the RF chain which would eliminate overload of the DSP. Perseus offers 10 preselection filters, the WinRadio 114 user configurable combinations.

The control software is evolving but a unique strength is its use of both user built or EIBI files whose data display by frequency on the main screen.

I'll be re-tasking mine from MW and SWBX DX to FM DX between Dec-15 and May-16.
Molto buono (credo)
da Anonimo il 05/08/2015
Per adesso l'ho provuto provare solo con una filare di 4 metri chiuso in uno scantinato...riceve perfettamente le broadcast :)
Credo che con l'anetnna loop che mi deve ancora arrivare, sarà una meraviglia.
Unico neo...il manuale (online) non è per niente esaustivo...
Forza aggiornatelo e rendetelo completo! (magari pure in italiano...)
Good but a preselection filters for 0-30 are missing
da Anonimo il 21/04/2015
It is a good product with a missing preselection for frequencies between 0-30Mhz in favor of UHF reception which in fact can easily realised with cheap rtl-dongels.

Preselction is in many situtations necessary.
da Anonimo il 26/02/2015
So small an so powerful. I have tryed many other before. It s outperforming.
A must have !
73 de Lexa
Great product but it lives from the FDM_SW2 software
da Anonimo il 03/02/2015
Since 1. Feb 2015 I own an FDM-S2 and must say - great tool.

The power supply via USB-Y-cable is easy and working, but not really standard compliant I assume.

The FDM-SW2 is a little bit tricky. There are modes and option not fully described in the user manual (still at V1.0) and I wish some keyboard shortcuts for the common actions like setting markers with Shift-Click etc.
Piacere di ascolto
da Anonimo il 03/11/2014
I found in the SDR receiver ELAD FDM-S2 all the operating performance I was looking for a long time. The unit is actually usable on the entire range of frequencies established, excellent selectivity and sensitivity from VLF up to VHF. Drivers and management software are stable in my system and have never shown signs of deterioration or malfunction. Continuous use for a certain period of time confirms, in my opinion, the quality of this product. I look forward to flank the receiver kit selectors SPF-08 to enhance immunity to strong signals "out of band" reception. FM broadcasting is truly remarkable reception quality. It 's really a wonderful radio receiver.
If You want can see the unboxing and some listening test on my YouTube channel.

best 73 de IW0HJR Op. Romano
da Anonimo il 29/06/2014
Today 29/06/2014 at 08:45 - 09:07 GMT
I heard SAQ emission
on 17.2 kHz VLF cw !!!
Signal strength: 559 / QRN
Average intensity: about -100dBm

Antenna: only 10m 0.3mm wire on balcony!
Preamp: J310+2N5109 with isolation audio transformer 600Ohm 1:1 30Hz - 25kHz OEP Z1604
PC: Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E-330

Antonio Faraldi
da Anonimo il 15/06/2014
Great receiver. It worth every penny.
Impressive sensitivity for shortwave & broadcast FM, Highly recommended
da Anonimo il 14/05/2014
Shortwave sensitivity (0.07 microvolts) is in practice, remarkable & likely compares favourably with higher priced communications receivers. Rejection of powerhouse MW broadcasts seems satisfactory on the shortwave bands. The filters are all you need & much more.

FM sensitivity (better than 2 microvolts) is optimal when used with a quality pre-selector. Moreover, the rejection of strong FM broadcasts is excellent. Precise filter width control makes this a more selective performer than even the most popular FM DX tuners.

Whilst the supplied software is perfectly suited to live listening, at present it may be prone to a number of bugs when recording broadcast spectrum at maximum bandwidth. Nonetheless, rest assured that the developers are improving the software all the time. However, purchasing the professional Studio 1 software is highly recommended for hard core applications at this point.

It must be stressed that this receiver ideally requires a powerful modern CPU (such as the i5-3570 or i7-3770) due to high processing demands.

Having used the FDM-S2 for roughly several hours a week since February & I remain convinced that this is a remarkable SDR, which offers serious potential for hard core enthusiasts with its wide frequency coverage.
da Anonimo il 26/04/2014
Ho acquistato l' FDM-S2 in attesa dell' FDM-DUO.
Ho già utilizzato, in passato, la tecnologia SDR (FLEX-1500) con ottimi risultati.
Devo dire che l'FDM-S2 è semplicemente FAVOLOSO!!!
Solo dopo alcuni giorni di prova si riesce ad apprezzarne pienamente le capacità tecniche.
Sono contento che un prodotto italiano, ancora una volta, sarà sicuramente molto apprezzato sul mercato internazionale ed attendo con pazienza il DUO!
da Anonimo il 24/04/2014
What a fantastic and incerdible device ! I use it with a 83m delta loop and I still can't believe the way I recieve amateur stations. The panadapter accuracy is fantastic.
The shipping was flawless.
Thanks to the ELAD team
best 73's

David F1UFD
da Anonimo il 13/04/2014
Ordered last Sunday(07/04/14) from Martin Lynch, arrived early on Tuesday, had it up and running within an hour with the Elad software, in the next half hour got it running with HDSDR (download the IO dlls from the Elad web site)and SDR.com V2.

Played with it all day Tuesday but was slightly disappointed with the Elad software until I realised that version on the CD was not the latest.
Upgraded to the latest software version and have not used the other software since.
My use has been mostly on the HF amateur bands in an urban environment using a Wellbrook loop where I find the system to be excellent.

After a week's very heavy useage can I can thoroughly recommend the FDM-S2.

Thanks to the guys that posted videos on UTube, they helped me make up my mind to purchase.

Regards Ken Brown G3XQE
Great SDR-RX !!!
da Anonimo il 06/03/2014
I am in the 3rd week using the FDM-S2 and everey day am fascinated, how good this RX is. As antennas I use a Wellbrook 1530S+ (HF) and an AnJo LPDA (40-450MHz). My location is an urban realm, so I have noise, but all signals can be read clear. Very nice is the direct sampling of DRM-BC....and on 3m-BC the RDS decoder is quite fast. I can only say ...best buy!
I have not received the product yet, perhaps promised in March
da Anonimo il 08/02/2014
Provide product Wimo Germany to get it, I paid for it a long time ago!