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N. prodotto: ELAD FDM-DUO
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da Anonimo il 17/06/2017
After impecable sale, I bought a second-hand fdm-duo, and I had some problems of putting into service, question asked answered within ten minutes.
Awesome little box. Hard to believe it works so well being so small
da Anonimo il 31/03/2016
When I heard the Elad FDM duo on the air, I could not believe that this little box could do what it was doing. So I sold my old rigs and bought the Elad, not expecting the incredible abilities of this radio.

I run a 500 watt amplifier with this radio so I have the power when I need it and I also love the QRP abilities. QRP is fun but QRO is sometimes needed when the bands do not cooperate.

This radio has the best receive ability of all the radios I have owned and I've owned the best of almost all the manufacturers. SDR is the future and the Elad FDM duo is a big step into the future.
Fantastic little Radio
da Anonimo il 19/07/2015
I got the Elad FDM-DUO at the Ham Radio this year. Played with it beside a K3, TS850S - the DUO is my first real SDR Radio and i am fully satisfied and very happy with it. One of the best mechanical work and design i've ever seen on Amateur Radio for a little qrp machine. It outperforms even the K3 - you have less noise floor during cw operation. This SDR is in my opinion the best buy for a QRP Radio. If you think about a KX3 - just compare the concept and workmanship.
The Software for the PC is straightforward and easy to use - but still there are parts under construction - because of the lot of possibilities of the Radio.
The FDM-DUO is a great product and i hope a lot of OMs will think this too.
vy 73, 72 Roland, DF1OE
da Anonimo il 08/10/2014
Used for 4 days. Ronseal - does what it says and without a PC. On air compares well with Flex 5000 / FT 2000. Seems mechanically sound and the human interface well designed given the restriction to 3 knobs and 6 buttons. Elad to be congratulated on the engineering of what is a complex product encompassing RF, FPGA, embedded software and the complimentary PC software. Would expect ELAD to continue innovating and improving great new products. Apple watch out! Well done.
Superb probduct
da Anonimo il 01/10/2014
Easy to use, an SDR able to work with and witout a PC.
Excellent receiver.
Some improvment to be done to the software but Elad improve it constantly.
Excellent support under their Yahoogroup.
I stongrly encourage SDR lovers to have one in their shak.
pf, F5BQP