New Active Antenna Splitter ASA-16

Product no.: ELAD ASA-16

1 Antenna 6 Receivers

The ASA16 Splitter Amplifier has been designed to split the signal received from an antenna to up to six different receivers at the same time. Thanks to the inside divider, ultra wideband and ultra lownoise amplifier is possible to share the antenna up to six receivers without switching the antenna cable and avoiding wrong assessments due to the fading.

ASA-16 have PTT input that allow to desensitize the splitter when transmitting with other Antenna to avoid saturation of the splitter.

RF Connectors: BNC

Power:  11-15Vdc

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New ELAD Speaker

Product no.: ELAD-SP1

ELAD-SP1 is a speaker born to cooperate with the FDM-DUO e FDM-DUOr.

It can be used also if it is not powered, in this case the input is connected directly to the loudspeaker.

It is small infact it measure 135mm x 100mm x 130mm (rispectively height, witdh, depth)

Electrical specs:

  • DC power 12 ÷ 15 V (13.8 typical)
  • Audio output 10 W RMS on 4 Ohms (<1% THD)
  • Audio output 15 W RMS on 4 Ohms (typical 3% THD)
  • Audio input level 1.4 V RMS Max input on 50 Ohm for 15 W output
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