ELAD SNA-3050 Scalar Network Analyser Stand Alone & LAN connectivity

ELAD SNA-3050 Scalar Network Analyser Stand Alone & LAN connectivity

Product no.: ELAD SNA-3050

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The SNA-3050 network analyzer is an instrument that can measure the impedance matching and gain circuits to nominal impedance of 50 ohms.
The measure is obtained by generating an un-modulated sine wave of known amplitude and frequency and measuring the incoming signal with a detector broadband. This method has some limitations for the dynamics of the detector at low levels, but has the major advantage of being able to easily measure the conversion gain of circuits where the input frequency is different from the output (e.g. converters, frequency multipliers and dividers).
It has two N connectors for connecting the device to be measured :
RF OUT port (internal generator output) to connect to the input of the device to be tested,
RF IN port (internal detector) to be connected to the output of the device to be tested.
The RF OUT port is connected to a bridge circuit for measuring impedance adaptation, including a second detector bandwidth.
The SNA-3050 can be used in stand-alone or PC-controlled via LAN (in PC mode, there are some additional processing functions, and measurement functions are identical in the two modes).


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