Product no.: ELAD FDM-DUOr
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Product no.: ELAD-SP1

ELAD-SP1 is a speaker born to cooperate with the FDM-DUO e FDM-DUOr.

It can be used also if it is not powered, in this case the input is connected directly to the loudspeaker.

It is small infact it measure 135mm x 100mm x 130mm (rispectively height, witdh, depth)

Electrical specs:

  • DC power 12 ÷ 15 V (13.8 typical)
  • Audio output 10 W RMS on 4 Ohms (<1% THD)
  • Audio output 15 W RMS on 4 Ohms (typical 3% THD)
  • Audio input level 1.4 V RMS Max input on 50 Ohm for 15 W output
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