ELAD FDM 45512 Downconverter 455 kHz - 12 kHz

ELAD FDM 45512 Downconverter 455 kHz - 12 kHz

Product no.: ELAD FDM-45512

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Downconverter 455 KHz - 12 KHz
Down-converters for DRM signals reception. To be used with popular HF receivers. The HF receiver’s IF out is connected with the down-converter and the output of down-converter is connected with the P.C. sound card. Thanks to a freeware software voice, texts and data are made available on the P.C. The board is compatible with DReaM software available in Internet (the software is not included with the board).

Features and technical specifications:
• Power supply : (12 ÷ 32) V DC Jack (5.4 X 2.1) mm
• 455 KHz IF input : BNC socket
• 12 KHz Output : 3.5 mm socket
• 10 KHz BW 455 KHz input ceramic filter
• 3° overtone Crystal L.O. at 18.680 MHz /40
• MOSFET switching Mixer with diplexer filter
• 12 KHz variable output level
• FR4 PCB with shielding

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