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Product no.: ELAD ASA-15

1 Antenna 5 Receivers

The ASA15 Splitter Amplifier has been designed to split the signal received from an antenna to up to five different receivers at the same time. Thanks to the inside divider, ultra wideband and ultra lownoise amplifier is possible to share the antenna up to five receivers without switching the antenna cable and avoiding wrong assessments due to the fading. On the five outputs 0 or 12 dB amplification is available to eventually compensate long distribution cable losses or to increase weak signals. For radiomonitoring near high power sources is possible to insert 15 dB attenuations on front-end.

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Product no.: ELAD ASA-42

4 Antennas 2 Receivers

Easy to use and compact, antenna switch to split the incoming signal of four antennas to two receivers. The front panel led indicator allow to check immediately the configuration.

Not suitable to use with transceivers.

Main features:

-4 SO-239 connectors RF IN (antennas) 
-2 SO-239 connectors RF OUT (RX)
-Gain: 0dB
-Frequency range: 9kHz – 70 MHz
-Ultra wide bandwidth, ultra low noise amplifier (AD8099)
-System impedance: 50Ω

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Product no.: ELAD ASA-62



6 Antennas 2 Receivers


ASA-62 is an antenna splitter which allows to split the signal received from six antennas to up to two different receivers at the same time.

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