ELAD FDM-77 HF Receiver

ELAD FDM-77 HF Receiver

N. prodotto: ELAD FDM-77

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FDM 77 (discontinued replaced by FDM-S1)

All mode LW, MW, HF Software Defined Radio Receiver
The FDM77 is conceived as a SDR (Software Defined Radio). This approach means that the receiving set is composed of a Hardware RF front-end and a PC with ELAD Software Radio. The Software Radio is the operator main interface (GUI) for the control of the radio (Input RF, Tuning, Setup, Mode, Display, Scan and AF) and is also used to decode and reproduce the audio through the PC soundcard.

- Multimode: CW, LSB, USB, AM, FM, DRM continuous coverage (50 kHz to 60 MHz ) RX
- RF front-end with SO239 and BNC inputs (for external and indoor antenna)
- 1 Hz to 1 MHz tuning steps and keyboard direct frequency input
- USB 2.0 full speed interface to the PC
- 12 kHz output to the PC sound card
- ELAD software radio for AM, LSB, USB, FM, CW, DRM demodulation
- Graphical User Interface for W2K/XP/Vista environment.